Sunday, February 24, 2008

Block popups, underlining, banner ads on yahoo websites

Run mozilla and just add this to your adblock Advertisement filter:
That is it - no more underlining, no more stupid popups on double clicking a word etc. on yahoo websites.

Remove banners on Yahoo Finance by adding this to the Element Hiding Rules:
" 90px; width: 728px;)"

Be careful who you learn from...


Thursday, February 07, 2008

Barrack Obama vs. Hillary Clinton

On the major issues, there is no real gulf separating this two.

The difference according to Larry Lessig:
(1) Character - Bill and Hillary Clinton have shown in the past that principles are expendable. One minor example - she refused to endorse the call to make presidential debates free from copyright, fearing that it might hurt her fundraising efforts from big business.

(2) Integrity - Hillary Clinton blatantly lies about Barrack Obama.

(3) Ideals - Hillary is "good enough" to continue the current divisive politics that everyone hates, Obama inspires change and peace.

Remove those annoying ads from Yahoo Messenger.

Recommended Mozilla Extensions and Add-ons

Ad Block Plus -- EasyList, EasyElement, and ABP Tracking Filter
Ad Block Plus Element Hiding Helper
Ad Block Filterset.G Updater
Clone Window
Download Statusbar
Gmail Manager
Google Browser Sync
IE View
Tiny Menu
Yahoo! Mail Notifier ---> avoid crashes -- remove npYState.dll found in C:/Program Files/Yahoo!/Shared/
IE Tab
Google Gears
Customize Google, add and also -inurl:(kelkoo|bizrate|pixmania|dealtime|pricerunner|dooyoo|pricegrabber|pricewatch|resellerratings|ebay|shopbot|comparestoreprices|ciao|unbeatable|shopping|epinions|nextag|buy|bestwebbuys)

How to Block dictionary definition popup windows on

The New York times Website has an annoying feature - whenever one highlights a word, the site popups a window with the dictionary definition of that word. This makes it extremely annoying to read as you ahve to be very careful where on NYT you click the mouse.

Here is how to block this stupid ad:
Run Adblock in mozilla.
Add this to adblock filters: *

Monday, February 04, 2008


Interesting analogy: selling insurance is like selling puts on the stock index, except insurance companies get bailed out by the government!