Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The death of family values..

It seems individuals of our generation think differently from, say, those of our grand parents' generation. Is this largely caused by an over-dependence on the "nanny" state? Anecdotal evidence of how the welfare state corrupted Sweden:
This degenerated morality and lack of understanding for the real and natural order of things is also evident in areas requiring personal responsibility and respect for fellow men and women. The elderly are now treated as ballast rather than human beings and relatives. The younger generations feel they have a "right" to not take responsibility for their parents and grandparents, and therefore demand the state relieve them of this burden.

... the elderly aren't the only one's finding themselves in the periphery of welfare society while the state is looking after its working population. The same goes for the youngest who are also delivered to the state for public care rather than being brought up and educated by their parents.

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