Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The US employment based immigrant visa system

  • It is advisable to not change jobs except after all but one stages are approved, and the last one (Form I-485) has been pending for 6+ months.
  • For Indian and Chinese-born persons, it is imperative to apply in EB1 classification, the so-called "PhD category", from an established R&D department of a bigger company.
  • All other categories have queues pending several (2-5) years.
  • Mexico is impossibly backlogged (10+ years) except for persons with advanced degrees.
  • Philippines has some issues as well.
  • For nationals born in any other country, it is merely a procedural matter.
  • Family based immigrant visas are hopelessly backlogged for all nationals.
There now you can hold your own in any immigration related conversation.

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