Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Using sunrocket gizmo as an almost free telephone

Sunrocket, which was the 2nd largest VoIP provider in the US recently declared itself dead. So I was left with a phone adapter that was now effectively an expensive paperweight.

After some internet searches, I found a way to convert it to an almost free landline. Details follow.

I had the Innomedia Gizmo, which I first unlocked as follows:

Innomedia devices from sunrocket come with SNMP enabled. The community strings is private. The admin password OID is SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.3354.
So we browse this and change it. Download GETIF
1 - After you start the tool enter the IP address of you device in Host Name field, say
2 - Change the Read community to private (default is public)
3 - Click on start
4 - click on MBrowser tab
5 - St the bottom of the window you will see 3 fields that you can enter values in.
The first field is the OID enter .
The second field is the type. Change it to string
The 3rd field is the value. Enter any value you want (That's the new password).
6 - Click on the set button

Make sure:
1. Firewall is NOT blocking port 161. Be sure to enable that port.
2. Be sure WAN is connected to internet connection, LAN directly to the machine you are trying to SNMP from.
3. Browse to and use admin and the password you just set!

Next use the unlocked gizmo with Gizo Project and Grand Central as a VoIP phone.
  1. Sign up for a Gizmo Project (note the SIP number) and
  2. Sign up for a Grand Central account (this is the new telephone number).
  3. Setup the unlocked Sunrocket Gizmo device to work with Gizmo Project
    1. Disable Provisioning. Go to IP Network-> Provisioning Setting. Uncheck the Enable Provisioning box.
    2. Setup your SIP Proxy. Go to VOIP->SIP Proxy. Use the settings in this image. proxy01.sipphone.com got cut off on this.
    3. Change your User Account. Go to VOIP->User Account. Your user ID is your Gizmo Project SIP number with the one before it. Your password is your gizmo project password. Image.
    4. Test Setup Setup your gizmo so that it is directly connected to the internet. The order should be modem - gizmo - router. If you want to put your gizmo after your router, you will need to forward UDP ports 5004, 5005, and 64064 to your voip gizmo, and enable QoS in the router. If you use a static IP for the gizmo, you will also have to set the DNS servers in the Gizmo.
  4. Finally, Setup Grand central to forward calls to your gizmo project account.
If you have your Gizmo project program running on the PC, you may have trouble receiving calls.

When I accept a call, it tells me to press 1/2/3/4, when I do that, it does nothing. Keypad does not seem to work, but it works with my cell phone. Here is the fix for this issue:
1) Telnet into your gizmo and enter the login and password of the gizmo (obviously case sensitive)
2) Press C2 and make sure RFC2833 (SDP and 2833 packets) is ALWAYS OFF, Otherwise press 0 (zero) to turn it off.
3) Press Cs
4) Look for Use SIP INFO for DTMF = Yes
5) If it says no, then press c to change settings.
5.1) Look for 18. SIP INFO for DTMF
5.2) Press 18 to set it to yes
5.3) Press y at the prompt -- Use SIP INFO for transmitting DTMF digits?[y/n]
5.4) Press w to write setting to Flash
6) Power cycle the gizmo

You should now be able to accept GC calls and negotiate menus anywhere else, e.g., VM using th etouch tone keypad. Remember to set your phone to use tone dialing (not pulse).

Activating the second line on the gizmo:
1) Telnet into your gizmo and enter the login and password of the gizmo (obviously case sensitive)
2) Press Mp
3) Follow the on-screen prompts to activate both lines
4) Power cycle the gizmo

Voila! Free incoming calls forwarded via Grand Central and outgoing calls at 1.9c/min via Gizmo Project.
Connecting to the gizmo when it is behind a router -- use a static IP, say, for the gizmo. In this case, also set correct DNS servers on the Gizmo, especially when changing ISP, otherwise it won't work! Alternatively:
Say "ipconfig" on a network machine to find the address, say, of the default gateway/router.
Get the DHCP table from the router and lookup the Gizmo's IP address. The gizmo registers itself as "000XXX0XX4XX". Say this is for instance.
Use that IP address to get the management page for the Gizmo.

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